Góðan Daginn, I guess?

By Leo

04 April, 2021 @ 11:55

Possibly the only Icelandic blog post I’ll ever post.

I am going to track my progress from knowing nearly no Icelandic to (hopefully) the day I go back to Iceland and am able to have conversations in Icelandic.

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Icelandic is cool. That’s it.

I am starting the blog as a way to practice Icelandic. There isn’t much Icelandic on it now because I don’t know any. The plan is slowly transitioning to writing in Icelandic. This way anyone playing at home can progress with me, maybe. I’ll post about things I found difficult, and what I did to get through those difficult bits.

It would be embarrassing to have this post be the only one, taunting me, reminding me I failed to learn Icelandic like so many languages before. In a way this is my accountability thing, I don’t like “accountability things” but here we are.

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A book. Specifically Colloquial Icelandic. There aren’t a ton of books and courses out there for beginners to learn Icelandic—Duolingo doesn’t even have a course—but Colloquial Icelandic looks pretty good. If you have a course or book you use let me know.

Anki will be my other resource. I have a feeling the lack of Duolingo might work in my favor here. After reading this very long article I’ve been radicalized to the idea that there is an added layer of learning that happens by making your own flash cards. I’ve wanted to use Anki for a long time—this is the textbook usecase.

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Of course. I am not a #productivity guru…but I dabble. Before starting I went through a short anti-wasteman exercise to make some sort of plan. This is what that looks like:

In case y’all are into tools as much as I am this is what I am using and how I plan to have them help me learn Icelandic:

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Hopefully there’ll be a lot more Icelandic in future blog posts.

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Svolítið, it means “a little” and I got it wrong on my Anki reviews so much I have dreams about it.